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Annual Sustainability Progress Report 2017 for Care Without Carbon

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Progress Report

Care without Carbon on the front line

09 January 2018

By Hayley Carmichael

Claire Jordan, Clinical Sustainability Lead at SCFT tells us how her role as a Darzi Fellow is helping to embed Care Without Carbon at the frontline of healthcare.


Smart metering to save money

18 December 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

The Government wants us all to have a smart meter by 2020 - but what's the benefit?

smart metering

Have a Green Halloween!

30 October 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Halloween continues to grow as an event in our festive calendar. So let's embrace a greener celebration...


Pollen count help for hay-fever sufferers

05 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Hayfever can be a real pain for sufferers - this handy infographic can help know what pollen triggers yours...

Pollen count

Ditch the car for cleaner air

12 June 2017

By Oliver Slaughter

Dare to join us and leave the car at home on 15th June in support of cleaner air for all. National clean air day is mobilising health and care workers across the country to take action.

ditch the car

Breathe Easy for NHS Sustainability Day

07 March 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

March 23rd is NHS Sustainability Day. Get involved by choosing active travel to work that day.

Breathe Easy

The Dare Truth - Paper Cut

24 February 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

We worked out how each dare helps us save money, cut carbon and improve wellbeing in line with our Care Without Carbon strategy.

The Dare truth - Paper Cut

The Dare Truth – Switch it off

16 January 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

We worked with the New Economic Foundation to find out exactly how each dare helps us save money, cut carbon and improve wellbeing in line with our Care Without Carbon strategy.

The Dare Truth

Mojo Velo inspiring us all to change

16 December 2016

By Hayley Carmichael

Explore the amazing adventures of mobile journalists on bicycles…

mojo velo

Tree huggers unite!

29 November 2016

By Hayley Carmichael

Celebrate National Tree Week as without them things get tricky…

tree with people

Green Bonfire Night!

04 November 2016

By Hayley Carmichael

5th November is a night of fun, fire and flames. While orange might be colour of the night, you can make it a little greener too…

bonfire night

Dan dare - doctor of the future

18 October 2016

By Hayley Carmichael

It’s 2020. Meet Dan. Dan’s a great guy. Intelligent, compassionate, boundlessly committed to his job, his colleagues, and his patients. A young George Clooney might well play Dan in the film of his life. That’s the kind of guy Dan is.

dan dare dream doctor

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