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Annual Sustainability Progress Report 2017 for Care Without Carbon

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Progress Report

Care without Carbon on the front line

09 January 2018

By Hayley Carmichael

Claire Jordan, Clinical Sustainability Lead at SCFT tells us how her role as a Darzi Fellow is helping to embed Care Without Carbon at the frontline of healthcare.


What can you do?

03 January 2018

By Hayley Carmichael

We want qualified instructors, talented crafters and enthusiastic riders, readers and walkers!

What can you do?

SCFT gives the NHS a voice in delivering global sustainable healthcare

05 December 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

The NHS has set itself a target to reduce its carbon footprint by 34% by 2020, which follows the UK-wide target established under the Climate Change Act 2008. In turn the UK supports wider, international efforts to tackle climate change. As members of Healthcare Without Harm Europe, SCFT is now part of this global conversation.


Let's knock down energy bills

20 November 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

As we approach winter energy bills tend to go up, so we're on a mission to knock down energy bills with some energy-saving ideas...


Core Dares for all darers

20 November 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

With these core dares we’ve streamlined our dare selection so you can best support Care Without Carbon

core dares

Water is precious; let’s make best use of it

10 October 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Saving water comes with the added benefit of saving money. We asked Southern Water to share some top tips with us…

water drop

PODCAST – water-wise ways pay

19 September 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Listen to Southern Water talk about why we need to be water-wise and what we can all gain from it…


Water Wise Trusts save money

29 August 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

A new water saving campaign is launching at SCFT to help use our natural resources wisely, save money and feel better...

water wise

More recycling from pen to paper

04 August 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

The more recycling we can do the better, so why are do we not recycle more?

more recycling

Fuel Poverty Lunch & Learn Film

26 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Our fuel poverty lunch & learn session, presented by Dr Mari Martiskainen from the University of Sussex is available as a film for those that couldn't make it along.

fuel poverty

Use every drop

25 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to stay well, so why aren’t we doing it? We talked to our infection control team to find out…

use every drop

Pollen count help for hay-fever sufferers

05 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Hayfever can be a real pain for sufferers - this handy infographic can help know what pollen triggers yours...

Pollen count

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